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Rabu, 16 Juli 2014



Innovation makes progress
I’m Bunyamin. I was born in Tegal on 9th of January 1978. I Finished my S1 (graduate program) in UPS Tegal with very satisfactory score in 2003. In 2004 I got the scholarship for S-2 program in English Letters study program UNDIP Semarang  and became the best graduate in 2006.  I’ve started dedicating my life as a teacher since 1999-2004 in private schools in Tegal regency. In 2005 I succeeded to pass the recruitment test of government employee.
            Now I’m currently working as an English teacher in SMPN 1 Slawi Tegal. It’s a favorite school in Tegal regency. Because of its achievement, this school had been selected as Pilot of International Standard School in 2008. It’s also awarded as National Adiwiyata school in 2013. This year it has been nominated as the Reference School by the ministry of education and will conduct the computer based national exam.
To develop the qualitiy of education, I’ve conducted many programs related to my duty as an English teacher. They consist of extra curricular activity, teaching-learning activity, and some activities related to the development of teacher’s profession.
As an English teacher, since 2005 up to now I’ve been succeeding to train my students in extra curricular activity related to English subject such as English debate, story telling, speech, and scientific paper. Because of hard working with my team at school, my students often become winners in the province level as well as in the national level.
In the field of teaching-learning process, I have carried out e-learning program from the blogspot that can be opened every where. Some materials of English subject, including video, articles, etc. had been uploaded in “English Mania Community” blogspot. In addition, I often develop and create some innovative methods and media to enhance students’ learning outcome. Most of my Classroom Action Research focused on the method or media to enhance students’ speaking competence since my students are very poor in speaking English. Because of my innovation, I got many awards as the first winner of innovative teacher competition in five years continuously since 2010–2015 from the the government of province. There have been more than 10 based reasearch articles had been published in the formal journal with ISSN.
In 2014 I got the award from the ministry of Education and Culture as the first winner of teacher’s creativity competition. Because of this great achievement in November 2015 I was awarded Satya Lancana Pendidikan by the President, Joko Widodo as a super teacher. In the same year I was also selected as an outstanding teacher (Guru Berprestasi) by the minister of education and culture as the third winner.
As a teacher, I’m active in English teacher’s forum of Tegal regency and its surrounding. I’m also the secretary of scientific journal published by scientific teacher forum (Forum Ilmiah Guru) Tegal. Besides, I’m often asked to be speaker in many seminars and empowerment programs held by LPMP, MGMP, or others. I like to share my experience with my colleague via facebook, whatsapp, blog and other groups to discuss about education problem.

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Dedy Iswanto mengatakan...

semangat pa...

Bun Yamin mengatakan...

iya pak.... siiip

adityo kurniawan mengatakan...

Mr. Bunyamin Is very GOOOOOOOOOOD

Wiji Guru Trangkil mengatakan...

Hebat.... kapan ya pak aq bisa kayak njenengan???

azizah khusnul mengatakan...

I hope you will continue to be the best

Sekar Annisa Rahmapitaloka mengatakan...

I hope you'll be continue your career with a great success.
~22 Go Night~

Sekar Annisa Rahmapitaloka mengatakan...

Great Job Sir... ^_^
~22 Go Night~

Bun Yamin mengatakan...

Thanks atas komentarnya anak-anakku.

Pak Wiji lebih hebat pak.... masih banyak mimpi-mimpiku yg blm kesampaian. Pak.

ayushofa kirana mengatakan...

pak bunyamin good pak

khaniifah uppy.a mengatakan...

Hebat sekali pak šŸ‘

zuhria firdausie mengatakan...

keren & sangat menginspirasi

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